Multipurpose Mini Coaster-Sized Wire Racks

Set of 6 (Gift box included) - $28.00

  • Compact & stackable for storage

  • Size: 4" x 4" x 1" (10 x 10 x 2.5 cm)

  • One size fits all

  • Oven & dishwasher safe

  • Made of pure food grade stainless steel

  • Product design is patented with the USPTO

  • Product and packaging are designed in Australia and made in China

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Declutter Your Home and Kitchen

Keep your kitchen cupboards and other storage areas neat and well-organised with these multipurpose mini cooking racks!

With our one-size-fits-all approach, there will be

  • no more turning an entire cupboard upside down and inside out just to find a proper-sized insert.

  • no more purchasing a baking grid just to find out it is too long or too wide to fit your oven or baking tray.

  • no more wasting time hunting for a large-enough space to store an awkwardly-sized round cake cooling rack.

  • no more trying to manoeuvre a cranky and oversized cooling rack into and around the dishwasher or kitchen sink.

  • no more going out of your way to a store just to realise you have forgotten the measurements of your intended cookware.

Crafted out of thick, reinforced wires and manufacturer rated to support a weight of 22 pounds (10 kg), these premium cook racks are tough in spite of its small stature. We should know, because we hurt our fingers going to town on one of these wire coasters, trying (and failing miserably) to make it twist or flex with just our own bare hands.

Product quality is something we take very seriously, and select samples of our product are put through a series of tests in a lab setting to ensure that it is absolutely safe for general consumption. Click the following image icons to see screenshots of our lab report (best viewed on a computer display)!

Food Safe. This product is made out of pure food grade 304 stainless steel. There are NO non-stick coating, NO chrome plating, NOR does it contain any other potentially toxic or hazardous materials that can crack, scratch, and leech into your food.

Dishwasher Safe. We put select samples through a total of 5 vigorous soaking, washing, and drying cycles in the dishwasher. The samples are then inspected to ensure there are no signs of pitting or corrosion on its electrolytically polished surface.

Oven Safe. We heat age select samples to a constant 662°F or 350°C for 4 continuous hours. The samples are then inspected to ensure that it can withstand prolonged exposure to high heat without losing ANY structural integrity.

For All the (Chef) Hats You Wear in a Day!

Use these mini kitchen racks to

  • turn your saucepan into a steamer,

  • turn your casserole dish into a roaster,

  • turn your baking pan into an oven crisper,

  • allow canned jars to cool and seal, as well as to

  • showcase a variety of desserts and other culinary concoctions;

all without the need to mess around with various sized racks, stands, and inserts. The convenient size also makes it ideal for a light grill or broil in the oven to create some deliciously charred snacks!

Heat-Proof Your Kitchen Countertop

Throw out your burnt cork coasters and half-melted silicone pot stands for something that’ll last you a proper lifetime!

Keep these mini coaster-sized trivets handy for safeguarding your kitchen countertop from scorching or cracking due to thermal shock, which is what happens when a cool surface comes into sudden contact with a very hot object (e.g. a smoking hot pot or a scalding pan). A single inch of insulative air gap is all that you need as a buffer to keep your countertops looking good as new!

Note: Some discolouration may occur after repeated or prolonged exposure to grease and/or high temperatures.

Simple, Practical, Elegant.

These mini display risers are always great to have around the house, whether it be for an arrangement of candles, or for lifting an incense burner away from a wooden surface - its rustic and practical design makes for a versatile decor option that plays well with others. Lay down a beautiful display of tea and biscuits for a lazy Saturday afternoon; calm and cool down the moka pot that's been bubbling away a little too enthusiastically on the stove... The perfect accompaniment for all the small moments throughout a long and busy life.

You can also help frequently damp and covered surfaces dry quicker and prevent the onset of mould by propping up your indoor planters, sponge holders, carafes, and other household paraphernalia for improved ventilation and drainage. All the more reason to introduce it as a friend to pep up that lonely potted plant sitting in the corner, who's long been hoping silently for some company.

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