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ARROW & EAVES is founded as one man's passion project and creative outlet, where we run a small business dreaming up and designing custom products we find missing in our lives. The products are then sourced from reputable manufacturers in China and then sold on the Amazon.com marketplace.



We endeavour to create products the way people used to make them - functional and reliable. This is reflected in our designs, which are meticulously engineered and tested to create truly lasting pieces capable of withstanding even the test of time.


Where the conditions are permitting, we will always strive to cut down on waste. Most of our packaging decisions are deliberately made such that everything contained within the box, even the box itself, can be repurposed or reused with ease - no recycling needed!


We have a soft spot for compact yet extensible designs, and we make an effort to create products that will always be at hand to get the job done - and well! - when the need arises, yet can easily be stowed away, out of sight and out of mind when it is no longer in use.

Simple and modest products, built on function and practicality for the purpose of daily use.


We believe that business is about more than just money.

Business is about building mutually beneficial relationships that last. It is about the value we add to the lives of those we touch, which include our customers, our suppliers, and last but not least, our very own employees.


Your peace of mind and trust is of our utmost importance.

We worry about the quality of our products so that you don't have to. Rest assured that we will settle for no less than the very best we can achieve, because at the end of the day, we are also consumers of our own product.

There is unfortunately no such thing as a perfect product. In pursuit of our ideals, some things will have to give, be it expenses or even certain aesthetic or functional aspects commonly found in similar products.

It is often a precarious balance between many factors such as cost, complexity, and even the limits of reality itself. We believe our choices are well worth the price, and hope you may find the same with our products.